Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Little Yellow Pyramid

LITTLE YELLOW PYRAMID       oil on canvas       8" x 8"

"Next to Resistance, Rational Thought is the artist's worst enemy."

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Storm Watching

yesterday there were thunder clouds around with lots of blue sky, which happens a lot although it rarely rains...one cloud overhead gave a ten minute shower...and within 20 minutes the blue sky was gone...

huge raindrops hammered on the roof and pelted the windows...it let up for a a few minutes and then we had two hailstorms, one with pea-sized hail and the second with larger pieces as well

hailstones with 1967 quarter coin

rain poured off the roof...this went on for about an hour, the wind pushing the rain vertically, from one direction and then another...

afterwards our road looked like a wash

and 15 minutes later it had mostly all soaked into the sand...one small puddle reflects the sky...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mojave Green on the Patio

I had been out to the patio earlier to water plants, and when I came out this time I was greeted by a wild hissy buzzy rattling and turned to see a 30" long rattlesnake looping itself over and out of an old one gallon paint can and flicking its jet black forked tongue at me...it came all the way out and coiled and continued to rattle.  Quite an adrenalin rush.

I went inside and got my 8' bamboo pole and prodded it gently to try to encourage it to leave, while standing inside the door, read to slam the door fast if the snake came towards me.  It did not come towards me, nor did it move away, it just keep sounding its warning, so I pushed it firmly off the patio slab onto the sand, while it rattled and hissed.  Then I left it alone.

in this close up of its head, it looks as scared as I was

 I came out several times to look at it and take pictures (from over 4 feet away on the other side of a very large flower pot) for the next 20 minutes and very quickly it no longer seemed threatened

it relaxed and headed into the garden

I watched it for a while from a good distance and it seemed like it knew I was not going to harm it, for it just went about its hunting as if I were not there.

I am treading very carefully around my house now;  I do not want to surprise it again.  My neighbor says the worse thing you can do is sneak up on a snake, because then they do not have time to warn you.  After all, they would only be defending themselves, they know we are too big to eat...

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